Jaccard Pig Tail Food Flipper Set

Why It's Cool: Two sizes of sturdy, handy flippers that make it so easy to turn food on the grill or in the oven

We’ve always been big fans of tongs… we have several on the site, and love them all. But we were recently introduced to a new technique for flipping and moving food...and we were blown away! There are times when you want the minimum contact possible with your food while turning it or moving it from place to place. Often this is when you’ve developed a nice crust while grilling, or other good coating that you don’t want to disturb. That’s when the Pig Tail Food Flipper from Jaccard just shines. But once you start using the Pig Tail, you will begin to realize how both fun and useful it is, and you will use it for so much more.

Because the shaft is made of surgical stainless steel, it’s incredibly strong and sturdy. That means that you can pick up a full slab of ribs or a whole chicken and flip it on the grill or move it to a platter with ease. And because the contact with your meat is just a pin-prick of a hole, you can use the Pig Tail to dip your food into a batter or coating (think fried chicken or Parmesan Crumbed Baked Chicken Thighs.)

Another aspect that makes the Pig Tail Food Flipper so useful is that the curved tip is the perfect shape to both clean off your grill and loosen any food that is stuck without losing a bunch of it because it gets stuck to the grill. The Pig Tail Food Flipper is ultimately simple design, in two lengths for both up-close and intense-heat settings. And the two Pig Tail Food Flippers come in a lovely wood box for convenient clean storage.

The two Pig Tail Food Flippers in their wood box make a lovely presentation gift for Dad, your grilling friend and/or host, at an amazingly reasonable price! In all ways, this is a Cool Tool...get some for gifts, and don’t forget a gift for your favorite griller...You!


  • Surgical Stainless Steel with a Wood Handlle and a leather hanging loop
  • Dimensions:
    • Small Pig Tail Food Flipper: 12”/30.5cm long
    • Large Pig Tail Food Flipper: 18”/46cm long
    • Wood Box: 20”/51cm X 4”/10cm X 2”/5cm
  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s Replacement Warranty   
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