Tovolo Pancake Pen

Why It's Cool: Delivers batter exactly where you want it--whether in a mold or on your griddle.

When I first read about the Pancake Pen in Cooks Illustrated, I thought...really? We don’t have kids and so we don’t spend much time making pancake shapes. But Cooks Illustrated gave it high praise:

Recommended - Winner

Tovolo Pancake Pen

Comments: The heat-proof silicone nozzle on this soft plastic model turned pancake-making into an art project, allowing us to draw letters and shapes as well as create perfectly round pancakes.

so we thought we‘d give it a try.

If you want to draw shapes with your pancakes this does a great job, but what we found was that it also does a great job for just plan old round pancakes, for making blinis to serve with caviar, for making Gluten-free Brazilian Cheese Balls, in fact for anything where you want to deliver a batter to a specific place with a minimum of dripping and slopping around. And the tall thin shape means that this takes up very little room in the refrigerator. We now keep this in the refrigerator filled with our Brazilian Cheese Ball batter so that, at a moments notice, we can make a few by just squeezing a portion into the indentations in a tartlet pan. What I thought was a silly idea turned out to be a very handy Cool Tool!


  • Capacity: 3-cups of batter
  • Clear sides and measurement markings
  • Easily create fun shape pancakes: letters, numbers, fill molds or create perfectly round pancakes with one squeeze
  • Pen body is made of durable contoured plastic for a comfortable grip and control, tip is heat-resistant (up to 600 degrees)
  • Pen measures 2.75”/7cm x 2.75”/7cm x 11.25“/28.5cm a
  • Removable top and bottom allow for easy filling and cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
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