Cuisipro Fish Tongs

Why It's Cool: Wide enough to hold a piece of fish securely

Have you ever faced this situation?

You’re trying to serve your fish course: whether it’s a pre-portioned “steak” of halibut or salmon, or a whole fillet that you’re trying to serve on a platter so each diner can choose their own portion. But your regular spatulas are all too small for the task, that special wide fish turner can’t lift the whole fish and it inevitably slides back into the poaching liquid or onto the floor, or your regular tongs will mangle your perfectly cooked fish before you can get it onto the platter. And if you don’t serve it promptly, then either it will overcook or get cold. And what if you have to turn your piece of fish over halfway through cooking it?  It’s usually a juggling act with two separate implements, and the outcome is dicey at best.

If that’s a familiar set of problems, then you need these Silicone Fish Tongs from the clever folks at Cuisipro.

When we prepare a whole fish fillet, we always seem to be in a hurry to serve it: before the fish passes rapidly from being perfectly cooked to being overcooked, or getting cold. The prompt and gentle handling of a properly-cooked large piece of fish requires care and attention, and the right tool. Enter the Cuisipro SIlicone Fish Tongs.

These patented stainless steel & silicone tongs unlock and lock with ease: to unlock, simply press down the integrated hook on the end. To lock, utilize the usual “pull with the other hand” technique common to most tongs.

But the feature that makes this a Cool Tool is that it functions primarily like your spatula or turner: getting under your fish with the silicone side, and holding it securely with the top wire side. Using the two halves, you clamp down to achieve a firm grip on your fish, and you control that pressure as you turn the fish over in the pan or move it from pan to plate (or platter).

You so may find that you like this Cool Tool as your tong-tool for a variety of non-fish techniques, especially in non-stick pans. More on that in coming weeks, as we explore additional uses. When you get yours, we’ll look forward to posting your reviews and suggestions.

The Cuisipro Silicone Fish Tongs combine multiple features you need into one Cool Tool: great design, the highly functional combination of a silicone spatula and a spider-like clamp, and the patented locking mechanism that assures it will not take up more than its rightful space in your drawer.  In short - just what you need to get a firm grip on your fish!


  • 13” long x 5.5” wide
  • Silicone spatula
  • Stainless Steel handle and opposing tong arm
  • Patented
  • Heat Resistant to 572°F
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Manufacturer's 25 Year Warranty
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