Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen Universal Kitchen Scissors

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Why It's Cool: Compact, sharp scissors, with comfortable flexible handles, that cut just about everything

There is a special category of kitchen tools: the “Go-To” Tools that you always reach for first … without thinking about it, you know what we’re talking about: that tool that spends more time in the drain basket than in the drawer …. We’d like to hear from you: tell us about your Go-To Tools and we’ll award you 100 Cooks’ Club Points if we feature your Go-To Tool as a new Cool Tool at ColbrookKitchen.com.

With your input, we will be highlighting tools in this special category regularly … and this is the first of those to be featured … Thanks! ...and 100 Cooks’ Club Points ... to WR from FL! She recommended these scissors and we’ve come to love them as much as she does.

Kitchen scissors are useful tools, but many are too large to use without discomfort, too dull to use precisely, or too ill-designed to do kitchen-work. And most are designed only for right-handed use, to the exclusion of 10-20% of the population. Not these!

The Universal Kitchen Scissors from Helen Chen feature high-quality molybdenum vanadium stainless steel blades with very sharp 1⅞”/4.5cm cutting edges that taper to a very fine point. The soft handles are well sized, with 2½”/6.35cm x 1”/2.5cm openings that feature unique flexible outer sides that enhance the comfort of using these scissors. These scissors will cut almost everything: bones in chicken or fish, shrimp shells, herbs, flowers, kitchen string … and probably more. Helen told us she uses a pair in her garden, as well as in her kitchen. And they’re dishwasher safe, for easy cleanup.

Helen Chen learned to cook from her famous mother, Joyce Chen, and developed her tools to provide the high quality that serious cooks expect. When we recently were allowed to “stage” in a friend’s Michelin 1-Star kitchen here in Napa, my first task was to mise a tray of small pearl onions using scissors exactly like these … and by the time I had worked my way through that hotel sheet of onions, I had learned a lot about the utility and versatility of small kitchen scissors. And there is now a pair in my knife roll, just like the professional chefs we all respect!

These Kitchen Scissors are the essence of a Cool Tool: well designed and manufactured to deliver excellent functionality … simple yet elegant, and, as Piper likes to point out, a true “multi-tasker” .… There are a lot of ways to use these scissors, so you’ll want more than one set for yourself and several more for gifts!


  • High-quality molybdenum vanadium stainless steel blades
  • 1⅞”/4.5cm cutting edges - VERY sharp!
  • Soft handles with 2½”/6.35cm x 1”/2.5cm openings and flexible outer sides
  • Overall length: 6⅝”/17cm
  • Dishwasher safe
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