Chef'n Corn Stripper

Why It's Cool: Makes fast easy work of strippin gthe kernels off a corn cob

Ahhh summer! The time for tomatoes, and berries, and CORN! I love corn (kennedy, not so much, but he’s from the south, what can I say!?) I love it on the cob (and have a great Cool Tip for getting the husk and silk off) and off the cob in dishes like Corn Soup and Shredded Zucchini Sauteed with Corn and Chives. But getting the kernels off the cob can be messy, frustrating, and sometimes even a little dangerous. (The knife down the corn cob always makes me a little nervous, and knives just aren’t curved the way a corn cob is.)

Well, we found a great solution, although I admit, I was skeptical at first…

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