Charles Viancin Silicone Coasters

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Why It's Cool: Protects your furniture from glass marks and drips, designed not to stick to your glass, prevents sliding if used between your glass and a tray... and they're beautiful!

Coasters are an interesting subject. What, exactly, are they supposed to do? Are they supposed to be absorbent, like the bar napkin that always accompanies your drink? Are they also intended to be protective (which bar napkins surely are not!) against liquids and watermarks on your furniture or countertop? If so, then how protective? Is merely lifting the glass off the surface enough? Or should they also contain, or absorb, the condensation from the glass? And finally, in the midst of all these functional questions lies the question of beauty … should the functional winners be merely plain and simple? Or does beauty deserve extra credit in your selection criteria?

We think that it does, and that’s why we’re so excited about these Silicone Coasters from Charles Viancin.

The first impression that strikes you is their beauty: like the lid designs that these are a part of, these silicone coasters are lovely works of art, “Inspired by Nature” in the words of their designer, Charles Viancin. But they are so much more: approximately 3/32”/3mm thick, they perform the “lift off the surface” function very well, while insulating the glass from the surface of your furniture or countertop. They don’t absorb, but they have an oh-so-slightly raised edge that contains the condensation that runs off your glass, so it won’t make a watermark on your table. The variations in the surface eliminate fears of clinging. And the extra bonus is that these coasters create a non-slip surface on your serving tray, so you can carry a full tray of filled glasses without fear of slippage. Finally, coasters make a great host gift, especially when traveling: small, lightweight, lovely, and useful ….

In short, beautiful design with excellent functionality … a very Cool Tool! Available now in several designs … your challenge will be to decide how many in each design, and for whom!


  • BPA Free Silicone
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Temperature Range -40F/-40C - 428F/220C
  • PET 1
  • Do NOT: use over a flame, wash with abrasives, or cut with a sharp cutting utensil.
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