RSVP Endurance Vintage Nut & Seed Toasting Pan

Why It's Cool: Toast nuts, seeds and spices quickly, and the mesh lid keeps them from escaping the pan!

Pan-toasting brings out the wonderful flavors and aromas in spices, seeds and nuts: it transforms them from everyday ingredients into something almost ethereal, adding extra dimensions of flavor to dishes from many cuisines from around the world. We’ve pan-toasted these sorts of small ingredients for years. But pan-toasting like this requires a lot of shaking - to assure all-over/even toasting and to avoid burning the ingredients. And using a typical small open saute or fry pan will allow the ingredients to fly around and often escape out of your pan.

A few years ago we were in NY visiting dear friends. They couldn’t wait to show us a great find: a small round pan with a snap-in mesh lid that you use to toast spices, seeds and nuts. They were even so wonderfully generous as to send us one for our kitchen. We loved it! The pan heated quickly to toast the spices in no time and the wonderful mesh lid solved the problem of escaping seeds and spices.

Fade out, fade in …one of our favorite vendors, RSVP, offers an updated version of our friends’ earlier pan, but in beautiful stainless steel, with a nicely lockable mesh lid. We couldn’t wait to try it ...and we weren’t disappointed!

At first we were concerned that the stainless steel handle might get too hot to hold without an oven glove, but, to our delight, that wasn’t the case. The bottom of the pan is thin to provide quick heating and has concentric circles that provide stability and an ever-so-slightly larger heating surface. The contents of the pan toast in no time: do not leave this pan unattended, because it heats up fast! And the results are great!

So this pan has everything you want for pan toasting: great design, beautiful and highly effective materials (you know we love stainless!), amazing functionality and performance, and it delivers you need, at a very reasonable price. This is definitely a Cool Tool!


  • 18/8 Stainless Steel mesh screen, 18/0 stainless steel pan body
  • 4”/10.2cm diameter
  • 11”/28cm long (including handle)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hole at end of handle to enable hanging
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