RSVP Stainless Steel Sauce Cups - Set of 2

Why It's Cool: Your sauce or dip becomes yours alone...and you can "double-dip" to your hearts content!

Sauces, dips and condiments are sort of a personal thing (or should be). There are many times when you want more than one “condiment” to accompany your meal. Whether it’s multiple preserves and jellies at breakfast, or multiple mustards or ketchups for burgers or sausages off the grill, you want to make all the options available to everyone at the table. But you don’t want cross-contamination by each person putting their personal spoon into the communal jar. Or maybe if it’s a sauce or dip, you don’t want to have to worry about the whole “double dipping” thing, but, as a good host, you do want to allow each guest to have as much sauce or dip as they want. And you certainly don’t want to waste these specialities by serving a large amount in one container, the contents of which will have to be discarded at the end of the evening.

We’ve found a way to manage this dilemma: to assure that everyone can have as much or as little as they want, without the mess or waste of “passing the bottle” around the table. These all-stainless steel condiment cups hold up to 2 ounces/6cl and cleanup easily in the dishwasher. And they stack tightly and neatly for easy space-saving storage.

My “ah-hah!” moment came recently at a favorite local restaurant, where the basic cheeseburger is served with dijon mustard, ketchup, and hot sauce (the last 2 being house-made). Presto! They serve a range of condiments to cover all the bases, while ensuring portion control and minimizing waste. We do essentially the same thing at home, with cocktail sauce for shrimp or melted butter for lobster or crab. And one’s own personal mixture of soy sauce and wasabi is essential to all types of sushi. Just dip and enjoy! These Cups make individual choices easy, and if anyone wants more, then it’s easy to refill the individual cup. And once you have them, you'll wonder how you ever got along without them. Use them for individual servings of nuts with cocktails, as a place to put shrimp shells, in short, this is the perfect size, shape and appearance for dozens of uses.

These Sauce and Condiment Cups are basic elegant design, with exactly the functionality you need for a variety of occasions and table settings. Definitely Cool Tools that you need in your kitchen!


  • 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • 2 ounce/6 centiliter capacity
  • 2½”/6.35cm diameter at top
  • 1⅝”/4.12cm high
  • Dishwasher safe
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