Progressive Nut Chopper

Why It's Cool: Easily chops even the toughest nut to produce evenly chopped nuts for great cooking and presentation.

Nuts add such great flavor to recipes. And with all the health interest in nuts these days, they belong in almost every diet. (See our Cool Tip: Nuts for Nuts!)

So we know the “why” about adding nuts to your diet. Let’s talk about the “how”. Of course, you can grab a handful of nuts as a quick snack. (A friend of mine lost weight just by switching from cheese and crackers to nuts as a snack!) But they add such a great texture and flavor to so many recipes, that they should be included in many recipes. And many recipes call for nuts to be chopped so that their flavor and texture is better distributed throughout the dish (our Nutted Wild Rice and Smoked Duck Salad is a good example). So what’s the best way to chop nuts so that you’re not chasing them all over your counter or onto your floor?

Food processors turn your nuts into nut butter in no time, and even if you stop short of that, you get a lot of nut dust (the finely chopped nuts that don’t give you the crunch you want.) Slap choppers have their place, but again, the results can be pretty uneven. Well, both Colbrook Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated agree on the best solution .…

The 1½ cup capacity Nut Chopper from Progressive has so many things to love about it:

  1. Oversize comfort grip handle makes it easy to use without tiring hands,
  2. Fine and coarse grinding options made simply by turning the crank in one direction or the other: no changing blades!
  3. Produces a pretty even chop so your recipes look and taste better,
  4. Patented elliptical design and non-skid base provide increased stability,
  5. Soft grip lid for storing unchopped (or chopped) leftover nuts,
  6. Base is marked with measurements in fractions of a cup (up to 1½ cups) so you know when you’ve chopped enough nuts for your recipe,
  7. You can remove the base and chop directly over food for a perfect garnish, and
  8. Blades chop through hard nuts such as almonds.


  • Top rated by Cook’s Illustrated (and Colbrook Kitchen)
  • Patented nut chopper designed with non-skid base for stability and easy-to-use blades
  • 1½ cups (355 ml) capacity
  • Size 5.75” x 4” x 8” (14.6 x 10 x 20 cm)
  • Dishwasher safe
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