Tovolo Silicone Spatula

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Why It's Cool: Heat resistant, sturdy, but flexible, great shape, comfortable to use--it has it all!

Every spatula has two parts: a business end (the head) and a gripping end (the handle); both are important in choosing a spatula.

But first let’s start with why you need a spatula (just in case there was any doubt). A spatula, by design, is the best tool for folding, stirring, and scraping everything from egg whites to cookie dough to sauteed meats and vegetables. So to be good, a spatula has to be versatile: wide and sharp enough to cut through egg whites to fold them without deflating, sturdy enough to stir even the stiffest cookie dough, and heat resistant enough to stir fry and saute your favorite meats and vegetables. And all the while being comfortable to hold, because with the ability to do all these tasks, you’ll be holding it a lot! The one we love is also the one that Cooks Illustrated chose as one of it’s 2 top picks and a “Best Buy”.

There is a lot to love about the Tovolo Spatula!

Let’s start with the head: it’s silicone, which means it’s heat resistant, and in this case, up to 600°F (315.5°C). That means you can use it in almost any pan without fear of it melting. 
The head is generously-sized at approximately 4.5”/11.4cm X 2.5”/6.4cm. which means it’s big enough to fold and stir efficiently. The shape of the head is also an advantage: one side is curved to get every last bit out of a bowl, while the top and other side are straight, coming to a 90° angle to get everything out of the corners and bottom of any container; the asymmetrical shape allows it to work well with all types of dish shapes. The thin blade edge of the head is the perfect combination of flexibility and strength accomplish all its tasks. And last, but not least, the head has a smooth surface on both sides to make spreading and scraping smooth as silk!

Now to the handle: it’s a .75”/2cm X .5”/1.3cm smooth oval-shaped wooden handle that’s both comfortable to hold and non-heat transferring (stays cool to the touch). And it’s long enough, 8.5”/21.6cm, to keep your hands safely away from the heat of any pan.

We have the spatula in 4 beautiful colors: Fuchsia, Orange Peel, Stratus Blue and Vivid Violet.

So even though a spatula may not seem like the most exciting tool in your drawer, with some creativity and ingenuity in the design, it can truly be a Cool Tool!


  • Offered in 4 beautiful colors
  • Smooth surface allowing for even spreading
  • Heat resistant up to 600-degrees fahrenheit
  • Ergonomic wooden handle stays cool
  • 12.5”/31.75cm length by 25”/6.4cm width, with a 4.5”/11.4cm X 2.5”/6.4cm head
  • Edges are tapered on the silicone head
  • Square edge for tight spots
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
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