Trudeau Silicone Piping Bag And QUICK System Tips

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Why It's Cool: Piping Bag made easy, clean and convenient

If you thought a piping bag was just something that high end chefs and bakers use on precious food and fancy cakes, it’s time to think again. A piping bag is a very handy (and, in this case, easy) way to deliver a smooth ...something (filling, dip, potatoes, gougères batter, macaron batter, garnish, etc.) to a place (vegetable, hard cooked egg white, surface of a soup, baking sheet, plate) in an efficient and/or decorative manner. With a piping bag and the right tip, you can create all sorts of lovely effects that look like you spent hours ...when, in fact, you didn’t (our favorite kind of deception :-))

Using a Piping Bag can present 3 major challenges: how to fill it, how to change tips mid-stream, and how to clean it. We have a Cool Tip on filling a piping bag that makes it much easier. But the folks at Trudeau have designed a solution that addresses all of these issues, so that you can make regular use of a piping bag in your culinary adventures: from filling cream puffs or deviled eggs, to artful presentation. They created a highly functional set that will add personal style and beauty to your food! Definitely a Cool Tool!

First, the 12”/30.5cm Piping Bag is made of BPA-free European Grade Silicone, making it food-safe and odor-resistant: unlike those old canvas piping bags you may have used in the past, that have been banned for commercial use in some jurisdictions. It’s firm enough to allow easy filling (I use a Tovolo Spoonula), and yet flexible enough to turn inside-out for easy cleaning - by hand or in the dishwasher - and to fold (>2”/5cm thick) for convenient storage. Its strength makes easy work of feeding your icing or filling (or other product) down to the tip. And since it’s reusable, you can satisfy your inner “green” and avoid purchasing and discarding disposable bags.

Unlike traditionally piping bags, where the tip goes in first and is virtually impossible to change mid-way through a project, the Piping Bag from Trudeau has a built-in “QUICK System” tip connection on the outside of the bag for secure and easy change of any of the QUICK System ips, as well as any metal tips through the use of screw-on couplers.

The Piping Bag set includes the 12” Piping Bag and 4 QUICK System plastic tips in the most popular designs. We also are offering an additional set of 4 QUICK System plastic tips for really attractive “Border” designs. And we are offering a set of 2 screw-on couplers (adapters) in 2 sizes for rapid and easy tip-changes, using almost any other metal tips (like the ones you already may have in your drawer!).

In short, the Piping Bag from Trudeau is a very Cool Tool that will make your piping easier and more frequent. Have fun! Enjoy!


  • Piping Bag: 12½”/31.75cm overall length; 7”/18cm opening at top; >2”/5cm thick when folded
  • BPA-free Food Grade/European Grade Silicone
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Set includes Piping Bag and 4 assorted QUICK System plastic tips
  • Bag includes QUICK System connection for use with separately sold tips
  • 4 “Border” QUICK System plastic decorating tips (sold separately)
  • 2 couplers (adapters) - (sold separately)
  • Manufacturer’s 1 year Warranty
  • Patents Pending
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