Trudeau Dripless Oil (or Syrup) & Vinegar Bottles

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Why It's Cool: Truly dripless pouring, with oil and vinegar-specifc spouts

How many times have you poured oil from a bottle, only to have that bottle drip some of the oil when you put it back on your shelf? What a mess!

And most of the time when we pour oil, it’s easy enough to just eyeball the quantity as we pour into a saute pan. Same goes with vinegar when it’s the primary component in a dressing …. But that sort of free-wheeling doesn’t work so well when you want to control your quantity: when you’re using any infused oil and want to avoid overpowering the dish, or using high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make a vinaigrette or to finish a dish of fresh tomatoes and burrata, … or anything else where a degree of control is required. And since you can’t put the excess back in the bottle, you may end up making more of the mixture than you need and that’s wasteful.
Yes of course you can use those pour-spout inserts that bartenders use, or you can put your thumb over the open top of your oil or vinegar bottle and drizzle it out in irregular spurts … but those techniques aren’t much more precise than just pouring slowly … right? And the bottles always seem to drip a little when you put them back on the shelf, so you have that mess to clean up.

Well no more … we have a pair of Cool Tools that can make your pouring activities controlled, clean and drip-free, … help you avoid waste, ... and enable a great vinaigrette every time.

And News Flash! A customer was looking for a dripless glass bottle to heat and pour maple syrup (he doesn't want to chill his waffles and pancakes with cold syrup--very civilized!) I poured the oil out of our bottle, washed and dried it and then turned it into a maple syrup container. It heated beautifully in the microwave (on 6/10 power, and WITHOUT THE LID, WHICH HAS METAL) and poured perfectly. So now this is also a very elegant dripless syrup bottle and a real multi-tasker!

In each model, the stainless steel dripless spout - note the different spout sizes for oil and vinegar - is mounted in an ABS top with a silicone gasket for a secure fit into the lightweight borosilicate bottle. The bottle is marked with a “Maximum” fill line, to assure easy pouring. Borosilicate is a highly heat-resistant type of glass, typically used in lab beakers and baking dishes; you will know it from marketing under number of different brands, including Corning’s Pyrex. All of these pieces are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

These are essential tools for your kitchen: plain elegant design with superb functionality … effective in your pantry, and beautiful for your tabletop … available in 3 colors to match or mix … definitely Cool Tools! and great gifts!


  • 100% Dripless Spout
  • Lightweight Borosilicate Glass Bottle
  • Stainless steel Pour Spout in 2 sizes: smaller for vinegar, larger for oil
  • ABS top with Silicon gasket - marked “O” or “V”
  • 10.5 oz/3110 ml capacity
  • 7½”/19 cm tall … 3”/7.6 cm diameter at base
  • Available in Black, Red, and Green
  • Easy to Clean
  • Dishwasher Safe
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