Escali SAVU Space Saving Scale

Why It's Cool: Small, sleek, and incredibly talented!

Precision in cooking may not be as important as it is in baking, but when no two potatoes or carrots or apples are the same size, weighing your ingredients can really help make sure that your dish turns out the way you want it to, with the ingredients in the right proportions. And for baking, it's essential (see our Cool Tip "For the Cookie Monster in all of us: Weigh Your Way to Baking Success!")

But there are various choices in scale designs that need to be considered ...and the Escali SAVU Scale, with it’s very sleek and compact design, presents a comprehensive set of “positive answers” to these questions.

To begin, its 11 pounds/5000g capacity is what you need for most cooking and baking tasks. It measures in 0.05 ounce/1 gram increments. It includes all the basic features to address all the issues you would need expect or encounter in almost any cooking or baking recipe:

  • Imperial and Metric measurements: ounces, pounds, grams, fluid ounces, milliliters
  • Liquid and Dry measure
  • Tare function, for ‘zeroing-out” your mixing bowl or other mise-en-place tools

Its compact stainless steel form-factor takes up very little space in your drawer and assures ease of use. The Escali Scale looks like a large “paperclip” but it expands to 7½”/19cm to assure easy viewing of the readout, without having to look around or under, in order to see your measurements. 

The Escali Scale is a piece of great design and excellent functionality - truly a Cool Tool! And it’s priced right, making it an excellent gift for your overnight hosts, or for limited storage/small apartment inhabitants among your friends and family!


  • Stainless Steel with LED readout
  • 9”/23mm Length x 2½”/6.5mm width x  ½”/1.5mm depth
  • Expands to 7½ “/19cm
  • CR2032 Battery required - one included
  • Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty
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