Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Knives

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Why It's Cool: The sharpest, easiest cutting, least contaminating knives you'll ever own

Knives have been a part of my life since my earliest memories … I love knives, and I’ve been cast as “The Knife Guy” in our business. My collection includes knives from the US, Germany, France, Japan and Spain. I love to use, and care for, all my knives. But it does take time and effort.

I recently had an epiphany: instead of getting hung up on incremental and microscopic improvements to the ancient process of transforming iron into steel, why not consider an entirely different material: something very hard, that can be shaped and customized to traditional and modern specifications from the outset and require minor maintenance, if at all. Let’s consider … ceramics! Ceramic knives are a revelation … the source of my epiphany!

Ceramics are one of the strongest natural materials: second only to diamonds. Ceramics are used on the exterior of space vehicles, to protect against the extreme heat of atmospheric reentry, and in artificial joints for humans, where wear-n-tear must be minimized. And now this material is used to make knives that cut like a dream and hold a wonderful edge for a really loooong time!

Kyocera - a mashup of Kyoto Ceramics - uses Zirconia 206, a proprietary ceramic material that starts with micro-grains that are molded into knife forms at 300+ tons of pressure, and then fired at >1000ºF, before being carbide-ground and then diamond polished and buffed, to produce a stronger, denser blade that holds an edge longer than other ceramic knives. This is why Kyocera knives are consistently rated the best.

The thinner blade on a Kyocera Advanced Ceramic knife means lighter weight with minimal resistance, for a blade that makes clean, precise, less-intrusive cuts, with less pressure. And since ceramics are chemically inert, they are impervious to acids, juices, oils, and salts, or any other food element. Unlike their metal cousins, Kyocera Advanced Ceramic blades will never rust or change from their natural state: they will not transfer metal ions to your food, that might contaminate or alter the taste or smell of your food.

Here’s the bottom-line of all that science: these are the sharpest, most durable and effective knives you will ever use! Kyocera Advanced Ceramic knives will perform the finest, cleanest slicing and dicing that you could possibly ever desire! For fruits, vegetables, and boneless meats, there is no better tool; you will want one or more to complement your kitchen kit. The ergonomically designed resin handles on each of the Revolution Series Knives enable safe, comfortable use.

The 5” Micro Serrated Tomato Knife is the best tomato knife we've ever used and offers better handling of tomatoes, as well as sausages and cold cuts, making it also a great sandwich knife.

The 3” Paring Knife provides maximum control for small and intricate tasks such as cutting and cleaning fruits and vegetables, in addition to fine and accurate mincing.

There are several important caveats. First, these knives are not “all-purpose” knives and should never be used for any carving, de-boning or other “heavy lifting”: they will chip or break with improper use. They should used only on softer plastic, wood or silicone cutting boards. And they should never be cleaned in a dishwasher. Hand-wash and store them with care, either in the appropriate sheath, or in their own slot on your knife block.

Two final notes: Please beware of alternatives or substitutes, such as lower grade ceramics, or ceramic-coated steel knives masquerading as “ceramic”, with much lower price points: those will dull, chip or break, or all of the above, quickly. Don’t waste your money.

And finally, if all this does not convince you that Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Knives are the best of their kind, then know that Kyocera offers a limited lifetime warranty, backed up by lifetime complimentary sharpening. You will never need to hone or home-sharpen your knife: it will remain sharp for a very long time and if/when it dulls or chips, with normal use, simply send it to Kyocera (as we did with one of our earlier knives), pay a nominal shipping & handling charge, and receive your knife back with a professionally-done, diamond wheel sharpened, factory-new edge.

What more can be said? A revelation? An epiphany? You bet! Great design and superb functionality … these are very Cool Tools!

Get one or more to fill-out your knife kit! And give the sets to friends … but don’t forget to exchange the penny, so as not to cut the friendship!


  • Blades Material: Zirconium Oxide
  • Handles: ABS Plastic
  • Overall Length:
    • 5” Tomato 9¼“/23.5cm
    • 3” Paring: 7½“/19cm
  • Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in Japan
  • Lifetime Sharpening: subject to other terms & conditions, including fees for shipping & handling, Kyocera will sharpen each knife on a diamond wheel back to a factory new edge.
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