Tovolo Olive Wood Tools

As low as $4.99
Why It's Cool: Beautiful natural wood tools that won't scratch your pots and pans in useful shapes with comfotable handles

The natural beauty of olive wood tools just make you feel good using them in the kitchen--it’s a back-to-nature kind of thing. And they’re also good for your pots and pans and bowls. But there are two problems with most olive wood tools: 1) If they’re well-made, they are often pricey, and 2) Often the handles are so flat or thin that your hand gets irritated or tired using them. Well, we found some beautiful olive wood tools that solve both those problems…

Tovolo Olive Wood Spoons, Turners and Mini Spoonulas, are not only beautiful (and they are!), but they have handles that are thick enough to be comfortable in your hand, and you can have them at a price that is comfortable in your wallet.

The Spoon is a generous 12.5”/31.75cm long, with an oval bowl shape and a comfortable 3/4”/1.9cm diameter handle.

The Turner is the same length, with an angled head and a sharp edge to make it easier to slip under food.

The Mini Spoonula is 9”/22.9cm long, with a sharp edge to get into corners of pots and pans, and a smaller size that makes it useful for so many jobs in the kitchen.

These are tools you can love and use for years--the very definition of Cool Tools!


  • Made from Olive Wood
  • Spoon: 12.5”/31.75cm long
  • Turner: 12.5”/31.75cm long
  • Mini Spoonula: 9”/22.9cm long
  • NOT dishwasher safe!
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