RSVP Herb Scissors

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Why It's Cool: Chiffonade herbs (cut into thin strips) with ease

The question ringing in my head - and therefore presumably in yours - is “if you (Kennedy) are a self-proclaimed ‘knife guy’, then why are you recommending what some people would call a “gadget” that arguably performs the same function as your knives?”

And the answer is ...because this well designed scissor-like device performs its task exceptionally well, especially in those situations when you just need to cut-up a small amount of something - often quickly or at the last minute - and you don’t want - or can’t justify - the counter space or the additional cleanup of a knife - or 2 - and a cutting board, and a mise-en-place bowl … right? That’s when you need the RSVP Herb Scissors: a legitimately Cool Tool that simplifies those situations and allows you to assure that you have added all the ingredients you want: whether you forgot earlier, or you decided at the last minute that ‘a little something more’ was a good idea.

The RSVP Herb Scissors always seem to be ‘in hand’ when we need to cut up some chives: often as last minute garnish on Asian soups, but also for salads, or even scrambled eggs. Same for scallions - aka green onions - and for cilantro, parsley, or any other flavor element like fresh dill or fennel fronds, where a fine, even cut allows the flavor and color to distribute throughout the dish. And it’s super convenient to be able to cut directly into the dish or onto the plate.

The five stainless steel sets of 3” scissor blades are nicely sharp and tight, so you shouldn’t fear crushing or mangling your herbs. And five blades - spaced just under 1/16” apart - are the perfect number to maximize results. The RSVP Herb Scissors come in green - a not-so-subtle reminder of its purpose - with a well-sized silicone-lined scissor grip and a dual-purpose cover: it serves as a blade guard to protect you while the scissors are in your drawer and it serves as a between-the-blades cleaner to extract those last bits when you finish your use. And the whole unit is dishwasher safe, so final cleanup is simple.

Good design, highly functional, and worth the price and space in your drawer: definitely a Cool Tool, even if it might first seem like a gadget … the RSVP Herb Scissors.


  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Five Blades
  • Silicone Handle
  • Dual Purpose Cover
  • Dishwasher Safe
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